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Articles, Speeches & Interviews

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1) Ever Young: Douglas Moore and the Persistence of Legend
by David G. Kanzeg
2) A Silver Lining And Its Cloud: Opera Baby Doe Mines Old Scandal
by David G. Kanzeg
3) American Opera: The Sublimation Of Ordinariness
by Derek M. Mills
4) Baby Doe Is An Opera Rich In Americana
by Robert Finn
5) An American Epic: Ever Young
by Derek M. Mills
6) Comments about Carl Zuckmayer's The Life of Horace A.W. Tabor (Das Leben des H.A.W. Tabor)
by Siegfried Mews
7) Current Chronicle
by William L. Crosten
8) The Ballad of Baby Doe: Central City Opera Has Important Premiere
by George Lynn
9) The Perils of Baby Doe
by Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.
10) Interview Excerpt: Caroline Bancroft speaking to D. Kanzeg in November, 1974 about the time she met Baby Doe
11) Interview Excerpt: Beverly Sills speaking to D. Kanzeg in July, 1973 about playing the role of Baby Doe
12) Baby Doe: A Tale of Two Operas
by David Bamberger
13) Interview Excerpt: John Martin speaking from his daughter's home in Columbia, Missouri to D. Kanzeg in May, 1994, on memories of the real Baby Doe
14) The Ballad of Baby Doe and the American Spirit
by David G. Kanzeg
15) I Can't Live Without...Baby Doe
by Rebecca Paller
16) Interview Excerpt: Frances Bible speaking from her home in New York to D. Kanzeg in 1973
17) Interview Excerpt: Walter Cassel speaking to D.Kanzeg in April 1994
18) Douglas Moore - Something about librettos
Opera News, New York, Sept. 30, 1961
19) The OTHER DOE: Harvey after Baby
by Jim Metz
20) The Oshkosh of Baby Doe
a lecture by Jim Metz
21) Romantic West in Baby Doe
by Lucius Beebe
22) Tabor Books Glut Market
by Caroline Bancroft
23) The Real Story on Baby Doe & Horace's Kids
by Jim Metz
24) Interview: Mimi Shaw and Leyna Gabriele talk with D. Kanzeg about 50 years of Baby Doe, June 30th, 2006
25) 'Baby Doe' Returns, Still Girlish at 50
by Tim Page
26) Let's see some US Operas for a Change (Toronto Star)
by William Littler
27) Interview: Evelyn Furman talks with D. Kanzeg
28) This Cloud Had A Silver Lining...
by T. L. Ponick
29) Homesteading and Huck Finn with Tunes
by Malcolm Hayes

The following three were delivered as part of a panel presentation titled "Making Biography Live(ly) (Stories of 'Baby Doe' Tabor)" at the October 2007 Western History Association conference in Oklahoma City, and are used here with permission.  


Biography or Hagiography: Less Familiar Facets of the Complete Baby Doe
by James I. Metz, Editor emitus, Oshkosh Daily Northwestern

31) Mocking with All Due Respect
by Debra B. Faulkner
32) The Crossroads of Biography: Is it Possible to be Popular and Postmodern?
by Judy Nolte Temple

‘Baby Doe’ Seen Most Noteworthy  from Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tuesday, September 9, 1958 By Harlowe R. Hoyt


Beverly Sills Captivating as Baby Doe from Cleveland News, Tuesday, September 9, 1958 By Ethel Boros


Musicarnival Scores with “Baby Doe” from Cleveland Press, Tuesday, September 9, 1958 By Frank Hruby, Music Critic

36) John Kander: Passing Through Curtains
by Frank J. Oteri
37) Obituary: Evelyn Furman  
37) Beverly Sills performances, including two rarities, among Musicarnival opera recordings soon to be available at libraries
by Donald Rosenberg