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Cutchogue, New York
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Cutchogue, New York
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Every year in Cutchogue a concert is held honoring the village's most famous son, Douglas Moore. The following four images are from the concert held August 10, 2002 on the Cutchogue Village Green.

* * *

This house was built in 1649 by John Budd in Southold. It was moved to Cutchogue in 1659 and now stands on the Village Green. It is the oldest English house in the state of New York.

* * *

Also on the Village Green, is the Cutchogue Free Public Library. The library is housed in an Italianate church building designed by architect Dick Ward, and built in 1862 by the Independant Congregational Church and Society of Cutchogue. It has been used as a library since 1914, and today the original church building houses the children's section.

Other important dates in the the library's chronology:

--1928 Tiffany weathervane
--1986 cornerstone
--1987 opening of new section
--1990 opening of new juvenile section
--1996 opening of the local history room

Thanks to Chris Zaneski for historical information
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Douglas Moore’s studio on the marsh near Salt Meadow, his home in Cutchogue, Long Island.

Douglas Moore in his "cabin" studio, 1960.